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  1. Dear Nurse Beth, Am I required to disclose that I was in Diversion to a potential employer? I was told that upon successful completion of the program that all records would be destroyed. The potential employer is a government agency. Dear Was in Diversion, You are required to answer questions truthfully. So for example, if you were asked on an application if you ever had restrictions on your license, then you would have to answer yes. Even records that have been expunged are discoverable depending how deep the employer digs. Falsifying an application is grounds for dismissal, even if they find out later down the road. Don't volunteer information, but do tell the truth if asked. Then you never have to worry about being found out or concealing a secret. Best wishes, Nurse Beth
  2. BlondieRN19

    CoWorker using a patient's medication

    My RN coworker took prescription ointment from a patient diagnosed with scabies and used it on herself, fearing she would be exposed and did not want to take scabies home to her family. She had no signs/symptoms of scabies, just very nervous. Am I mandated to report this to the BON? Management and pharmacy staff are aware, but because she is well-liked (and they often socialize/party together outside of work), there has been no discipline. Seems like this is a case of diversion and working outside the scope of practice, as this was a prescription medication. Management recently reported a different coworker to BON accusing her of "neglect" because she accessed internet on work computer . Doesnt seem fair to me. Your thoughts, please?

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