Taboo: 10 Things Nurses Should NEVER Say!

Nurses are a strange bunch with superstitions - whether we want to admit it or not. For some of the smartest people on the planet (more so than rocket scientists some cases), we sure get bent out of shape when someone says certain phrases.

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I've been a Nurse for 37 years and must say that I don't pay attention to all of this. Why??? I'm not superstitious. If it's busy,it's busy and not you or anyone or anything impacts this whatsoever lol!!!

I was a fairly new RN with about 3 years experience. I had worked in the same place for most of that 3 years. I was incredibly STUPID when I said to the other nurses that I had not had a code since I started working there. FAMOUS LAST WORDS. Within the 1st hour I had my first code. Received another assignment, and that one coded. Received yet a third assignment and, yep, that one coded, too. I wasn't even halfway through the shift. I was allowed to go home after that before I managed to empty out the entire unit.

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Keeping a drip that was dc'ed, keeping the IV in, and keeping the patient on the monitor, all ward off evil spirits. And even if it doesn't work statistically, it makes the nurse look very smart if all that equipment is available, when the patient tries to die.

Patients know when you are concerned, but telling them the defib pads are going on to ward off evil spirits is easier to hear when they are already terrified. A little humor, and a "I'm keeping my eye on you" lets them know you're engaged and ready.

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NursesRmofun said:
The COB's that trained me when I was a new/youngish nurse always told me not to say the "Q" word. I found out what happens when you get hit with several admissions OR a code happens...something will happen! LOL

Forget the admission, you'll get hit with a chart!

Really truly, I don't believe that word actually makes things happen, but my gut still does a little lurch. The world continues to turn, and terrible things happen, and eventually they will land in our ER. I don't want to hear it if a coworker is bored, it feels like they are wishing for disasters for entertainment. (Yes I know that's not what they mean, but its as close as I can come to explaining my aversion to Q)


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Oh yes. Never say it is quiet or you had a good shift. I had good shifts in the past and 15min to the end of the shift just to get the report and usually it was the time when my stable patients were in severe pain, deteriorated or started bleeding. It looked like I didnt do much whole my shift.


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I make it a point to request to be off work on every Friday the 13th :)

I do think that confirmation bias plays a significant role in superstitions...but I'm not taking any chances!! :nono: