Switching a nursing license from New York to Florida


Hey, Just trying to figure out the best way to get my nursing license switched from N.Y. to Florida. Is there a reliable site that can help or even do it for me? I am getting more confused everyday. Thanks so much...

Lola Lou, BSN

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I went through this process a year ago. The website is pretty straight forward. Good luck!

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The process isn't that cumbersome. Check the website.

But if you do have probs with it, there is a service that will help you for a fee... of course.

Florida wants you to file online. You have to really search to find the paper application. Also try to use an electronic method for fingerprints. LiveScan is the service I used and am told the prints are in the system in 24hrs. FDLE is pretty good about getting your background searched quickly.


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It is a little time consuming, but pretty straight forward, I have just done this back in September. I did get my license and I am (not so) gainfully employed. I hope you take some beta blockers, the pay here sucks compared to up north.