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I'm hoping Ned or other seasoned travelers can help me out. I am approaching my fifth contract and in my tenure as a travel nurse, I have been with 3 agencies. I really, really liked Company B overall, but at the time, I had a pretty lackadaisical recruiter who wasn't real helpful in securing another contract. In contrast, my current recruiter is very responsive, personable, sweet, thoughtful, and sends frequent, unexpected gifts. However, the deal breaker for me, is that Company C will not guarantee my hours and this leaves me vulnerable and with little recourse if I am flexed or called off, (also, their insurance is more expensive). Recently, I made contact with a different recruiter from Company B, whom is also very professional, responsive..... and long story short, I signed with them (Company B) for my next contract. The dilemma is telling my current recruiter about my decision-I anticipate that she'll be hurt or feel betrayed in some way, but I have to do what's best for my interests. I feel good about the decision but what to say??

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You dont have to say anything. Tell her your taking a few months off.

I would keep the relationship by telling the truth, that you took an attractive contract but would like to stay in touch. Apologize for not giving them a shot at the same assignment. If they had it (you probably should ask before you apologize), and could even simply match the other offer, you would be ahead. Not much harm done, especially if they didn't have access to that assignment. All good recruiters should be understanding and if she hits you with a guilt trip, I would suggest moving on.

Agree with what NedRN says here as a recruiter we are well aware that most of our nurses are working with multiple recruiters or agencies to ensure that they have the best possible options out there. Sometimes we aren't going to have the ideal assignment or pay package that they are looking for and as NedRN states any good recruiter can understand that and should work on keeping a good relationship with you to try and set you up with your next contract. If the issue is guaranteed hours that is something you may bring up to your recruiter and see if that can be negotiated or altered.

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