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Swedish RN,BSN going for NCLEX!

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Finally! After 18 months of struggling with NYSED and CGFNS, I'm finally eligible to sit the NCLEX!! Now I do have a few questions going further.

1.) With a NY RN license, is that a state that will make it "easy" to endorse/transfer my licence to other states (excluding California, I know its a hard to get a license there).
2.) How do I go about studying for the NCLEX? I graduated my BSN program 1,5 year ago.
3.) When I receive my ATT-code so I can schedule my NCLEX, for how long is that code usable? like what's the time spectrum until I need to sit the NCLEX?
4.) What happens if I fail? 
5.) When (if, lol) I pass the NCLEX does anyone have any recommendations moving forward with a recruiting company or so?

Thanks you everyone :) !


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Depends on the state, they may require CES from CGFNS as cvs is purely for NY.

Under the student tab there is a NCLEX forum.

Usually then BON always 2-3 years but once ATT is issued the ATT is good for 90 days and if you fail NCLEX you have to apply for another ATT. Some state require a fee for resit and some don’t 

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I'd advise you to focus on questions only (and review its rationale). You've got the knowledge from your nursing school so now you just need to get used to the exam's format. I've used iphone app NCLEX RN Mastery and Nursing Academy. Good Luck 🙂

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