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suspected fake seizures and I.E.D.?

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Recently I moved into my girlfriends mothers home, (due to financial issues we are unable to go anywhere else) and the mothers boyfriend we think is having fake seizures and fake intermittent explosive disorder.

I have had minor training when it comes to seizures, dealing with the elderly in my career, but, this man (term used loosely) has shown red flags when it comes to his seizures (no signs of a real one except confusion) has bracing for a fall once, and has what we call baby talk. However there is a situation where he received head trauma, so it is plausible. He "was" a addict in the past but is "only" a pothead now. He has shown signs of needing attention, and has characteristics of a con artist.

He was just diagnosed with cancer, and while there the nurses gave him some recommendation to see a psychologist. I suspect because it was said he was faking his disorder, or tried to actually fake a seizure while there. I have read how to tell if someone is having a fake episode here on this site, but I don't wish to get close if his I.E.D. Is real.

His I.E.D. Came out suddenly, when he was screaming at my girlfriend, and I where he stated I got I.E.D.” And not to mess with him. This suddenly appeared after his favorite wrestler had said they have it amazingly. However he has tried to assault my girlfriend when she was young, and we have a teen daughter in the house who is uncomfortable being home due to this.

Today I had enough and I confronted him and told him never to raise his voice again to my girlfriend. His reply was "I won't". I could be wrong but I.E.D. is not something that one has conscious control over correct? Didn't say sorry out of feeling wrong, or I can't control it. This sent up another red flag for me as he didn't say he had no control, or something to the effect.

I am however fearful for my families safety, and I do not wish to go to jail if I feel I have to protect them from harm.

The mother of my girlfriend is delusional, and when confronted stated I can't just put him out on the street” and makes excuses for him and his ways. It's unhealthy, and down right mentally and emotionally abusive relationship.

So, I come for help, is there a way to tell if his I.E.D. And seizures are real or fake? Please I don't know where else to go and what to do. I'm at the end of my rope.

Thank you very much in advance.

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You need to consult with a professional. We cannot advise you clinically per the site terms of service plus it's rather impossible to do online. You should have a local psychiatric emergency screening services that is hospital based and had mobile response capabilities. Find their hotline number and next time you suspect or he states he's having an IED episode call the professionals. Especially if your teen fears for her safety in his presence

Thank you, I figured as much. I found another thread on here stating how to tell if a seizure is real or not, just looking for a possible same thing on I.E.D.

He was asked to go but weaseled his way out. Guess there is nothing I can do.

There's all sorts of issues going on with this man, and unless he wants to be actively involved in treatment options, then I am not sure what you can do. Brain injuries are such a complex issue. Psych components of a brain injury, a literal psych diagnosis and behaviors of the same are equally as complex. Now with a cancer diagnosis--you have no way of knowing where, when, what's the involvement of the brain......

These are all things that this man's MD and himself need to work on and ponder.

I would encourage your girlfriend to research any and all means for emergency housing, public assistance, any and all means to get out of that situation.

At the end of the day--and I don't mean to sound cruel, not my intent--your girlfriend's mother is a grown-up who, by choice or by chance--is living with this person. Her daughter, yourself, and a child came into the picture. How they choose to live is on them. How you and your girlfriend choose to live is on you. But how your girlfriend is choosing on how her kid needs to live--that needs adjustment. Preferably BEFORE you then have an angry kid prone to outburst and you have got one hotter mess on your hands.

Leave no stone unturned. Put your name into every conceivable public housing list you can. Go see the public assistance office today. There is help, you just need to access it. And Mom's boyfriend has his own fish to fry--stay out of that mess.

Best wishes

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As per the Terms of Service of the site we can not offer medical advice. You have had a couple of good suggestions in this thread

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