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hello all,

my first time writing here. anyways, i just started my new job about one month ago. i'm still getting the hang of it. anyways,prior to that, i didnt work for almost 4 years straight so now, it feels like im a new nurse again(i only had about 2 years prior to the 4 year gap). state is coming in at the end of this week i found out and i have never been followed by state so i'm nervous. any pointers anyone can give me can help out tremendiously. oh yeah, im not sure if this makes a difference but i hail from CA. thanks.. =)

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Remember infection control,review proper admin of all meds,residents rights,privacy-know where your facility policies and procedures can be found on your unit. Don't let them see you sweat-make eye contact,be courteous. If you try to avoid or hide from the inspector they will seek you out. Never answer a questions with "I don't know" Tell them you'll check your p and p and get back to them.They really don't spend a great deal of time with individual nurses in my experience.I have only been observed passing a few meds once.Just pretend you are back in clinical...I have heard that in my area they are concentrating on the cna's flow sheets...We are due anytime now but they are not in this area yet...


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Look under LTC Director and Assistant Director of Nursing section- there is a thread under there about state visits.

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My question to you do you know they are coming at the end of the week? In Massachusetts it's ALWAYS a surprise visit.


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It's a 1,000$ fine if somebody leaked that the surveyors were coming....not to mention their job.


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Just watch your 5 rights, do not call a resident honey, sweety, or darling, wash hands between residents, do not give insulin, inhalers, eye drops in a common area, have the resident rinse their mouth after using inhalers if needed and not in public areas, or do gluco cheks in a community area. When giving muliple eye drops or meter dose inhalers, pay attention to the time between each different drop and inhalations. Always lock your cart when you walk away. Do not leave anything on top of your cart except your crusher, water. Make sure your pudding or applesauce is covered. Make sure the needle box is not full. Call the pharmacy right away if you are missing or going to be missing a dose of med before pharmacy comes for regular drop.

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How did it go?

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