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Surgical Tech & Unit Care Tech ??


I'm a pre nursing student with interest to become a CRNA and as I'm looking for a job at my local hospital I saw that they are hiring "Surgical Tech II" and "Unit Care Tech - Surgery" and their minimum requirements is to have a high school diploma .. my question is what is the difference ?? Does one actually work in the OR and the other with patients??

Thankz !!

From my own knowledge base it would seem that as the surgical tech you would actually be in the OR with patients. The unit care tech position seems as if it would be like working as a CNA/care tech on the surgical floor.

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The Surgical Tech II position is in the Operating Room but the "II" designation usually means that it is a position for an experienced Surgical Tech. Surgical Tech is a position that requires a very high degree of competency and specific education. Although they used to be "on the job" trained, more likely they are looking for someone who has been through a certification program for this position. Although this position would be more useful experience for you to go on to be a CRNA, you are much more likely to be eligible for the other position.