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[color=#333333]as a new grad nurse in ca, job market is tough. well, it's been so long i think i'm considered an old grad now. my ultimate goal is to work in the hospital. but while job hunting, i would like to find some sort of jobs.. at least something to do. i am already applying for volunteering, and even cna positions at the hospital - (no call back so far). at this point, i don't care about pay anymore - i need whatever that will help my resume look good. and gain experience. sooo -- i thought about going back to work in the doctor's office.

[color=#333333]i worked as an office assistant throughout nursing school, therefore, my manager is happy to hire me back - but she said it's up to me whether i want to be hired as an rn or medical assistant or office assistant.

[color=#333333]i don't want to work under my title as an rn because i'm afraid that it will disqualify me to some new grad. position requirement include "no work experience under the title of an rn"..

[color=#333333]and having worked there for so long, i know even if i work under the title of an rn - i really will only be doing office work, except occasional flu shot and start iv (rarely needed). that's it.

[color=#333333]another thing is - if i choose to work as a ma/office assistant, and they ask me to do rn-only duties (eg. start iv, flu shot) should i do it? or no? (my manager is very understanding, and i feel comfortable saying no.)

would working as office assistant/ma look better or rn but not really working as an rn..

[color=#333333]all in all, i really just want whatever will help my resume look better.. help/suggestions? i am afraid taking this job will hurt me overall in my job hunting for acute hospital position. =/ in the end, should i not even take the job after all? and just keep volunteering?

[color=#333333]nurses, hiring managers, recruiters -- is this a bad decision for me to work in a doctor's office? suggestions??

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It is going to look FAR better to work as an RN now that you are licensed than it will anything else. If you work as an office assistant or MA or pretty much anything other than an RN, when you go to apply for RN positions they will wonder why you have not worked as an RN since graduation. And the longer time goes on, the more dramatic this will be. If you are working as an RN, you will at least look as if you are occupying the role.

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Work as an RN.

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