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Does anyone know of any support groups for nurses dealing with chronically ill family members in the Denver area? I'm having a very hard time dealing with this. If anyone could share their experiences I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.


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Does it have to be support group solely made up of nurses? Might be easier to find a support group specific to the illness, not the profession of the group members who also are experiencing the illness either themselves or with others.


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I'm not sure, right now I'm casting a net. My mother has a very rare disease, and I'm pretty sure there is nothing out there for that. Maybe a care giver group? Although I'm not her caregiver, even though as a nurse I have some knowledge of that. I feel that it would not be a good thing at all for me to actively participate in the nursing end of her care, I just want to be a support to her as a daughter. I'd appreciate any suggestions you could give me. Thanks.

Is it a life-limiting illness, that is, is it a terminal illness?

There are support groups for hospice patients.


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Are you referring to an in-home care nurse type deal?

If that is what you're referring to, then I would suggest looking into Bayada Nurses Home Care. I've seen them advertise on the TV a lot, and I've heard nothing bad about the people I know that use their services (the elderly in my family).

As far as I know they have in home LPN/RN and HHAH's as well. I'd defiantly look into them!

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