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Hi Everyone,

I am starting clinicals in the Fall and would like to know what types of supplies are needed?

Thanks! :)


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my school requires

littman classic II stetho.

kelley clamps

bandage scissors

pen light

three color pen

I believe that they will also give me a Kit for clinicals but I am not sure what's in it.

hope it helps :) :rotfl:


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I feel silly.....I just posted this also! :chuckle

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Small spiral notebook to keep in your pocket.

to record I&O's, vitals, etc. or any other incidentals

Black pens (always looking for these as I'm always losing them or someone walks away with mine).

Also found that the little spiral book called "RNotes" is helpful to keep in my bag/pocket for quick reference.


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You should probably wait before buying a lot of stuff. Most schools provide a list of required material and then you will learn the extras that you need after beginning clinical. A small spiral notebook, highlighters, pens, and small RN reference book are definately needed though!


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If you do a thread search and type in "supplies" you will find lots of threads on things people recommended. That's what I did and it took me hours to read them and they were so helpful. Good luck in school!

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