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Anyone applying for the Spring 2011 evening program at Grant Campus? I am anxiously awaiting a letter. Does anyone know when the school will notify you? I am currently taking Micro and just curious who applied for 2011 and has completed Micro already?

I applied for both Grant evenings and Ammerman days for the Advanced Placement LPN to RN. I called the admissions office at Grant yesterday and they said that letters would go out end of October or beginning of November. I'm losing my mind waiting to find out whether I got in. Good luck!

So I just received my letter today. I've been put on a wait list for Ammerman's LPN to RN accelerated program for this spring. The letter says that I may be accepted if a seat becomes available, and if I am not accepted, I will be notified.

Does this mean that if I am accepted, they won't notify me?

Has anyone been on a wait list for Suffolk, and did you actually get accepted or were you just roundly denied?

I feel like the torture is just beginning now because I'm not sure how to plan out my spring semester, and I'm not sure at what point they notify you that you haven't been accepted.

I am in a similar situation, I applied for the Grant Evening program and have also been placed on a "wait list". This is so frustrating, not really sure when they will notify you about acceptance or not, I would think it has to be soon because Spring 2011 registration begins in Mid November. I also have a 4.0 GPA and am not really sure what else I can do. Of course I can reapply in January, and will certainly continue taking classes during the Spring.

Good luck!:uhoh3:

Same for me, but it's enough to make me pull my hair out!

I know that a certain number of seats are reserved for people who work in facilities who have their prerequisites. I'm not sure how long they wait to get defiitive answers from those people as to whether or not those seats will be filled. I would just feel better if I had some date in mind as to when I will find out.

Good luck to you too, and let me know when you find anything out.

i know it isn't an option for many people but a friend of mine recommended applying to other schools. stories like ll1208's scare the bejesus out of me -- unless you are lying :p but you have a 4.0 and was waitlisted. i'm retaking my prereqs now so i can get an a in everything. so then i'll have a 4.0 so i can get waitlisted to? i mean that really sucks, ll1208. you've done *everything* you can, apparently, to get the highest possible grades and pft -- waitlisted. seriously?

very disheartening. i really wish they were a tad faster about this, though i will say, of course, the speed of any 'waitlist' is based on how quickly accepted people drop out. so maybe those people need to hurry on up so we can find out what's going on :)

other schools i'm applying to:

stony brook


johns hopkins

university of miami

(and all this could probably just be circumvented if they just had more seats!)

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Ducexcrew, It's probably in my best interest to stick with Suffolk. I don't have enough credits yet to apply to Stony Brook, and I really was not thrilled when I went to the information seminar at Farmingdale. I think the hitch is that there are a certain number of seats set aside each semester for affiliated hospitals, like Good Sam and St. Charles. I've already met two students in my classes who have said that they have seats waiting for them as long as they finish Microbiology. If, say, five seats are set aside out of 20 available seats, that's two seats taken already, and the other 15 have been filled, most likely, with people who have finished Microbiology. However, depending on who you speak to, they look at Micro one semester, and the next they don't, or they require a high GPA one semester and the next they have lower criteria. Seems there's no rhyme or reason. I guess if I don't get in for the spring, I'll just apply for the fall. There's not much else I can do. And in the meantime, I'll just keep taking classes that I need toward getting into Stony Brook.

Hey guys! I have heard of people that got "wait listed" and got in, I actually met one this summer (but I believe it was for the day program). I got my letter of acceptance a couple weeks ago, but why I got in and others didn't boggles my mind. I have a 4.0 GPA like many of you, but I haven't finished Micro, I am currently taking it. I don't work in the medical field, I have no medical experience what so ever. So I am not sure why I got in and others didn't.

When I turned in my application, I also turned in a short letter from myself and a letter of recommendation. I am aware they say you don't need these things...but I figured it couldn't HURT me. And at this point I knew that almost everyone applying has almost straight A's, so I needed to do a little something extra.

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