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Sunday March 6th 2022


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Stars that was nice of him to do that.  And nice of you to keep in contact with him even if the rest of the neighborhood does not

Amo happy birthday.  Sorry the family is dealing with health issues

Davey I think I remember that cartoon, even all these years later

Hi Tweety

Didn't sleep that great, was woken up by the thunderstorms and took a while to go back to sleep.  Was unusually warm yesterday, wonder if that maybe contributed too.

Did some bird watching yesterday, but didn't really see any birds, probably too  early.

Didn't meet dad yesterday for lunch, as he was away seeing my nephew and the show choir.

Did a ton of baking, both cornbread and coffee cake.  Had to re-bake both as they weren't done when I took them out of the oven.  I think I figured out what I did wrong with them.  Ended up turning out OK

Watched Svengoolie as the movie was decent

Today have some cooking and laundry to do before church.  Will get to church early as I will be assisting minister, the first time I've done this, and will need to go over with the minister beforehand what I'm supposed to do.

A cooler day today, in the 40s, with strong winds



Davey Do

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Yeah, Joe, the cartoon was something about the door no staying closed, I think. In fact, it was almost exactly 10 years ago, because Belinda and I were on the beach of Key Biscayne in February 2012 when I came up with the idea.

Funny the things we remember.

My journal for today has an ink stamp of a cup of coffee and reads "Davey Do loved his coffee and his coffee was not for want of knowing it".

Have a good day!

No Stars In My Eyes

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Quiet day here; A 'record-setting' 80 (!) degrees and partly cloudy-then-sunny 😊... ... even though we had some rain predicted...Mother Nature likes to stick out her toe and trip up the meteorologists. Now the weatherman is saying, "Big changes coming. We'll tell you how, in a minute." -----> "One more mild day, then tomorrow night, a quick, heavy rain; but Tuesday and after: YECH! Daytime highs in 50's  and rain, rain, rain."

No wood-cutting done today. Nannie is quite irritated: 'if he said he wanted the wood, he should come and finish the job.' No reasonable explanation is good enough for her.

*TREE BE GONE!* Instant Yard Work! Perfection Returned to Your Yard in JUST ONE BLINK OF THE EYE! 

 Hubby and I have been hanging out on the front porch off and on; it's just one of those days here.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Good evening.  

Joe,  hope the service went well.

Davey, I love my coffee.  I had some late in my shift today so hope it likes me and goes away when I try to sleep later.  Usually doesn't bother me.

Stars, it would be agitating to me still have the threes there when someone said they would cut them down.  

I didn't know it but I was to start orienting a new grad nurse today.  We started with 6:1 and it was busy.  Meh...  She comes from a good university that is competitive so it takes a 4.0 average to get.  So she's smart.

I'm off for three days though.