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Are Summer camps the only option for Summer work? I did Summer school the last two years and admin made it sooooo stressful. I wanted to do short term travel contracts, but those are all requiring software certifications and two years experience.

Specializes in pediatrics, school nursing.

You could look into per-diem nursing in just about any field - hospital, private duty, LTC, outpatient settings... lots of vacations taken during the Summer and lots of need for fill-ins! 

Or look for a job where you aren't a nurse! I help my husband with his business during the Summer and do other odd paid jobs - transcription, selling clothing online for family members, etc.

along with what k1p1ssk posted maybe 

Cruise ship nurse

Volunteer Nurse / mission trip

seasonal government jobs  



Specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion.

adding Private Duty home care  See our Private Duty forum.

Children with developmental disabilities often attend school year round.  Private duty school nursing helps the child get ready for school + bus transport then attend to their needs during school hours.

Urgent care center perdiem relief

Teach CPR classes

Red Cross Blood mobile staff

Check to see whats available in your community.

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