Summer 2023

Specialties Camp


This thread has been pretty quiet this year...

I'm a volunteer camp nurse at a YMCA residential camp. I'm a hospice nurse so this environment change is refreshing and reenergizes me (although I love being a hospice nurse).

We are enjoying our first post-covid Summer that we are able to be at full capacity! Our season is off to a great start, no new health center trends or concerns so far (fingers crossed!).

Wondering how other's camp adventures are going...

Specializes in Clinical Social Worker.

Leaving on Friday for 3 weeks in Pisgah National Forest. It will be my first camp nurse experience. Prior to that I worked at a special needs Summer camp 2004/2005 taking kids off camp for outdoor adventures, then travel camp (45 teenagers in a bus for 4 weeks covering 6 states... what was I thinking?!?)

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