Summer 2017


I'm looking forward to spending a week as a volunteer camp nurse this summer... at the summer camp that I worked at 20 years ago as kitchen staff. I know it will be completely different from those days (but it's a very different world today). I can't wait to see all the campers engaged in the activities they offer, I'm feeling all kinds of nostalgic after looking over the camp website and starting to gather stuff together that I will take... and camp is still a month away for me!

How about everyone else planning to go to a camp this summer - what are you looking forward to?

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I'm on camp now! I'm only here for a bit of orientation, and I plan to visit over the summer to help out. I have a job now that won't allow me to leave for 10 weeks a year to be a camp nurse.

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I just love the camp community. The kids don't have electronics at the one I am at, so I love just love communication and the simplicity.


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This is my 3rd year working for my camp. I love the campers. I work at a camp for adults and children with physical and/or developmental disabilities. Our sessions are short, only 5 and a half days. Many of the adult campers have been coming to camp for 30-40 years and they have so many interesting stories. It it also awesome to see how much the staff does to accommodate the campers. if a camper says they want to do something, like say kayak, then they will find a way to make that happen for them.

Here's a really cool video about my camp if you are interested.