Summer school blues

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I started anatomy Monday and it's already kicking my butt! I've known going into summer school that it was going to be jam packed, and very condensed but wow! So, I'm here venting. It seems as though I can't learn anything new, and there's too much information in such a short about of time (8 weeks). Anywho, I need to get back to studying. I think it's possible, and wont be as hard as Nursing school...but it was worth the vent.

Take care! Good luck to anyone else in summer school.

I admire you all for working so hard! I dropped my summer A&PII class in May after the third day I just couldn't do it. Its hard to stay motivated during summer time and classes are so short. You all just keep working hard and it will be over before you know it!

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I'm doing AP2, Micro and psych. Its definitely more intense, especially AP2, but I'm keeping my grades up and will be done with all my sciences at the end of this semester...then onto Art and Music appreciation - woohoo!!! lol

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