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Summer Jobs


OK so im done my second semester and were out for the summer. I am thinking about finding some type of medical job for experience since were done till august. I qualify for a CNA certificate but Im hoping for an externship. I have never had a medical job before fo I dont want to graduate next year with no experience to put on my resume. Is anyone else planning on doing something lke this? Some people say I should just take the summer off and enjoy the down time, but I find it really hard to slow down with the crazy break neck pace I've been running at for the last couple years. Any comments or opinions would be nice to hear.

Steve EMT-B

Specializes in Critical Care, Trauma.

That is your choice... It is always good to have experience... especially if you have issues with being able to touch people example would be to bathe a patient... I have been working full time since before school started... my advice is to go for it and see if they could work around your school schedule and possibly reimburst your tuition,since some places do that hope this helps:twocents:

I would do it at least pt. You will be really bored if you dont.