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Summer I & II A&P - 12 weeks into 5 (per smstr) Smart Idea? Or wast of Money?

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Help. My dad thinks that taking summer A&P is not a good idea since it is an accelerated class (12 weeks Smushed into 5) and he has talked to RNs in practice for 10+ years that failed the course. It will be the only course that I will be taking all summr and it is my last Pre-reque that I need. The only way I can take A&P is either during the summer or once I graduate because my school (I'm a minor and my HS has to sign off that I can take a college class) will not let me take the course during the school year on acount of that I'm in Advanced Placement classes already (Dual Enrollment - College Classes taken in HS that count as both HS credits and College). I just need opinions on the class and how hard it is. I'll be taking the course at Glendale Community College. Thank You for your help! :)

I think it depends on what type of student you are. I took A&P last summer and did really well because I was only taking the one course and really had time to focus on it. It was a lot of reading and memorizing. It sounds like you're used to a heavy course load already.

Best of luck!

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A&P classes are generally super detailed and challenging...you HAVE to keep up your studying (cramming doesn't work at all) and literally look at the material every day. but if you're passionate about the material like i am (omg how AMAZING are our bodies?!), buckling down shouldn't be too difficult. my main recommendations: make sure you don't have too much else on your plate while you take the class, and study until your brain falls out ;-). i've known people who have taken it during the summer and done REALLY well, and i've know people who take the full length class and get Cs, Ds and Fs. YOU determine your grade, not the amount of time it takes you to complete the class. if you are committed, you can absolutely make a good grade happen. PS i'm an bio tutor at a community college and if you decide to take it and need some clarification/study tips/memorization tricks, send me a message and i'd be happy to help if i can! good luck girl, tell your dad that if you want an A to happen, it WILL happen.

I am not sure I understand your post correctly. Are you trying to take both AP 1 and 2 together during a 5 week semester? Or are you just going to take one. If you are taking both I would not do that. Please take your Dad's advice. If you are only planning to take one, I think you could do it easily if you are a dedicated and disciplined student.

Summer I is first semester & Summer II is second


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Mxgrl124, I usually advise students not to take science courses in the Summer. It becomes too stressful and the work load is a bit much. A&P is so detailed and to squish what is normally a 16 week course into 5 weeks with 2 labs a week is a lot.

I recommend taking other non-science pre-reqs in the Summer, such as psychology, sociology, English, etc. This is coming from a biology major at a 4-year college that has just finished organic chem and cell & molecular biology.

I took both semesters of A&P last summer and it worked out really well for me.

BUT this is also my second degree so I have plenty of experience with what works for me and what doesn't. If you're completely 100% committed to spending nearly half the day in lecture/lab and making time outside of class for studying, it's doable.

One thing I would keep in mind is that A&P usually carries a lot of weight in the admissions process and the information learned lays the groundwork for a lot of other classes. Whatever you do, make sure that you are giving yourself the best opportunity to be successful the first time around in A&P.

Problem being, this is the only Pre-Reque I need. I have taken care of everything else. I'm already and accelerated student and this would be the only class that I would be taking and worrying about all summer.

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to make a comment anyway for those people out there still searching for some hope that taking A&P during the summer isn't too rough. I have to say for me, I took A&P during summer II while taking another class and I came out with an A. Whenever your class is done, it does help with all other classes. After taking the A&P class during the 5 week session, every other class I have taken afterward seems like a walk in the park. It is doable with the right teacher, determination, and mind set! Good luck to all of you!

My school offers it 6 weeks in the summer...so 12 weeks is not bad at all; its almost like a regular school semester.

Honestly, it really depends on the type of student you are and how much time you will have to study. The summer after my freshman year of college, I took a 4 week A&P I course at my community college along with a concurrent Psych course. From 8a-1p I had A&P then from 6p-9p I had Psych. I ended up getting an A in Psych and a B in Anatomy. I got to school around 7am and left around 10pm daily and was constantly studying.

I'm sure I could have gotten an A in Anatomy if I didn't have another class because I wound up with a high B.

I'm assuming that these summer courses are offered in two sessions? If I understand correctly, A&P I would be for 5 weeks, and after you complete A&P I, you'd start A&P II which would also last 5 weeks? You'd be in school for 10 weeks over the summer? If this is the case, and you are willing to dedicate yourself fully to A&P for the entire summer (no other classes and no job), I think you can do it beautifully. If you are used to a very rigorous courseload and are good at science and memorization, there is no reason you can't do this.

My advice: be prepared to study long and hard all summer long!

Good luck!