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I carry a pencil case with sticky colored tabs, couple of highlighters, pencil, erasers for my pencil, pencil grips, fine point pens, staples and stapler, white-out. I have folders for each class/clinical. I also carry a notebook. After each quarter, I organize everything and put what I need into my portfolio and toss what I don't need. And obviously, you will need a stethoscope, med scissors, penlight, BP cuff.

I only use my rolling backpack on days when I'm in school all day; other than that, I carry by book, folder, and pen case (goes in purse).

All of the above is great advice. The only thing I use besides those are binder rings (rings in various sizes that open and close, you can get them in the office supply section). I hole punch my index cards and put them on a ring so they don't scatter all over the place. I really should have bought stock in an index card company, between my daughter and I we have used a TON so far.

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You can get pre-punched index cards with the rings :)

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