Suggestions nursing school! please help!!


Whoops sorry! I accidently posted it also in the "General nursing section", but it should belong here! Sorry for the double post!!

hey all!

I am actually an international student and I would like to transfer to a Nursing school.

My overall GPA is 3.6

In my science classes

I got in Anatomy an A

Microbiology B

Physiology A

Statistics A

I am pretty open if I should transfer to a school in California or move to another state to go there to school.

Do you have any suggestions what school will most likely accept me with this GPA?

Any advice would really help!!


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Well, from what I've seen on this forum and elsewhere, California (and New York, I think) is a state whose nursing schools are substantially more competitive than other states. I would do some serious research about the school in California you were looking to apply to and go to the state forum here to ask for additional information about who got accepted (how well their GPAs were, how many people applied vs. how many were accepted). I would also, as a back up, look at other states where it will be "easier" to get in, in case you decide that California may not be the most ideal option.


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wow. This really helps a lot! thank you so much for the useful information and the link you provided!! I got to community college in LA (I have relatives here, therefore LA was my first choice) but now after almost 2 years I really ready for a change and I would mind at all going somewhere else and see another part of the US. People tell me UCLA is a great school, but you should have a higher GPA.

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I don't think anyone would be able to tell you what schools will accept you with that GPA because there are so many other variables in the decision process for each individual school. However, I second popping over to the US Nursing section as some people over there may be able to point you in the right direction.


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It's not just about your GPA that matters. Have you looked into other requirements such as a possible entrance test?


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Thank you very much for all your answer so far! I will really have to do more research about all different nursing schools. May i ask one more question? does it really matters a lot from which school you graduate? for a example: a "state" university. such as California State University of LA, compare to for example University of Colorado? I personally would stay, for example if I want to go into business then it makes sense that you have better chances on getting a good job with a degree from Stanford for instance. but how is in the nursing field? does the reputation of the school matters? will I get paid more if I come from a "better" school? will I have more chances?

Again thank you very much for all your answers!!


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I don't know too much about what you're asking when it comes to better job prospects. I would say that there probably isn't too much difference between state Uni or Uni of whatever. The thing that does matter is as long as you go to a program that is officially accredited by the boards of nursing(have to check that) I think there shouldn't be a problem.