suggestions for the last 10 days....??


I am working full time and I am taking the test in march 24th. any suggestion what should I do in these last 10 days.

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Do you feel confident? Do you think have you studied all that you possibly can and can simply not retain any more? Are you consistently getting 80% or better on Nclex style tests?

If no, then keep doing the computer tests. If yes, then relax---do a few small tests each day just to stay in the groove. But eat well and sleep well. The last few days before my test I watched movies and made grand meals for my family. I also cleaned out some closets, I just let my mind relax and go on auto pilot.

For 3 weeks before my test though, I studied like a mad woman. I did thousands of questions in the course of 3 weeks.

When I drove up to take my test I knew I had done all I could possibly do to prepare I still felt minimally nervous, but knew that my mind worked best in a state of mild anxiety.

Another suggestion. Read all the opening chapters in all the Nclex books you have, they really have good suggestions on how to prepare for the test mentally. It was something I never looked at till I was ready to take boards.

Best of luck....The pride you feel when you see your license number for the 1st time is something you have never experienced before. It is such an exciting day!!!!!

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