Such a letdown!!! 😭


I have been waiting on pins and needles for a letter (or email) letting me know if I have been accepted or rejected from my school of choice for the fall nursing program. So today I get a letter, from the school, that starts, "Congratulations! I am pleased to advise you that....". So I am ecstatic, thinking I got in. But no, the letter goes on to tell me I made President's Honors last semester. Not that I'm not happy about that, but I almost cried when I realized I still have longer to wait until I find out my acceptance status. I told my family, hoping they'd feel bad for me, but they laughed and said I'm too uptight! I thought maybe someone here would understand. :)


Oh no! I think I'd react the exact same way! Here's to hoping the next letter is The One.

The same thing kind of happened to me the other day. My grandad brought over a really thin envelope from my school to my house so I was thinking "oh my God, I really hope it's not my nursing school letter because it'd be a rejection letter since it's so thin!" I opened it and it told me I made the President's List. I was happy about that, but I really wanted my acceptance letter! My family thinks I'm uptight too, and they're all so sure I'll get in and I'm like "but you don't know that for sure!" I mean, we've been busting our tails for a really long time to make good grades. We've also taken entrance tests and possibly done interviews, essays, volunteer work, etc. trying to make it into these programs. It makes total sense for us to be "uptight' while waiting to find out if all that hard work was for nothing or if it was all worth it! Best of luck to you, and hopefully the right letter will be here soon!