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Successful nclex prep


Hello all! I am graduating in August 2015 and am starting to get nclex anxiety! I do well in school but that does not guarantee passing nclex. I was just curious what people did to study as time got closer? Obviously I'm more focused on finishing school first but I thought I should get materials ready and such! My school uses ATI and does an incentive program where you get 1000 bucks if you pass nclex first time if you use ATI as your study tool. Anyone use ATI successfully? I feel like I'm rambling now so just any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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I mean realistically, you can always get the ATI study tool on top of other NCLEX study materials and even if you didn't actually use the ATI tool and you pass the first time, that $1000 bonus would be nice! Unless it's an online tool that tracks your progress and would show if you didn't actually use it...

Either way, I haven't taken the NCLEX but I figure the more materials the better, especially if you have a great incentive like that!

My friend used ATI and loved it and he passed. I didn't use it but I still passed :D Just utilize whatever you have the best of your ability!

Thank you ❤️