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I have picked up some Substitute Nursing shifts through my local school district. There really is no training provided for Substitutes. Does anyone have any advice or tips? Can you tell me about a "typical" day? Any words of encouragement would be great! :redpinkhe

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Our district also does not provide any training or orientation. One thing you can do, if you're willing, is go in for a couple hours on your own time and orient with the nurse for that school. I feel very strongly that you should get paid for that time, but I know our district just won't. You need some orientation to know where things are, how meds are given and just the general layout of the building as well as who you can call if you get in a jam. Once you learn your way around, you'll really enjoy it. There is no "typical" day and that's the fun of it.

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I would absolutely go in on my own time, but my Sub day is on Tuesday. I have another assignment the following week and will make certain to stop by earlier that week.

Thanks for your help!


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I would think that knowing which students in the school requiring meds/neb tx-in advance would be helpful. I've never substituted, but it seems that there are more kids requiring meds. Also, would sure help to have the district's flu policy-our district won't allow kids to stay in school wit a temp over 100/


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When I subbed I always asked about any "special need kids" or any issues with the students I needed to know about - I hated being surprised. Most of the nurses I subbed for were great - always left me with lots of info to run the clinic and usually left me with a cell phone number to reach them if needed.

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