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I applied for Licensure by Exam through the California Board of Nursing. All required documents were submitted. My Breeze Account has my RN File No., and there is no pending or missing education history. The right side says:

License/Registration Information:

No License Information Available

I haven't registered for the exam yet!

I recently received a letter containing an International Verification Form to be sent to my previous Nurses Board or Ministry to complete some portions of it and forward it to the Ca Board directly. That has already been done but I'm yet to get an update. My concern is whether others have a similar experience regarding the 'International Verification Form'! If so, could you please share it here?

It's normal to wait for a VERY long time when dealing with the California BON. They are extremely slow to process applications and even slower to update applicants.

Processing Times

California is infamous and has been for a long time with its sluggish administrative process! Worst case scenario, you have to re-submit. I hate to say it - but if you've got the money and resources - a trip to Sacramento getting everything knocked out in one day at the BON has been worth every dime for a lot of people. Things get processed way faster and with better organization. Plus, the money you spent on the trip allows you to start working quicker, so you're making money sooner.

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Hello. I received the same letter to submit international verification form. Can you tell me where you got the form? It's not in the board's website. I tried calling and no one answers. The letter didn't have any forms to be filled out. Please let me know what you did to get the form from the board.

Hi, I am registered Nurse from India, recently migrated to California a year ago. I did receive International License Verification Form from BON CA. Can anybody tell me about the process? Should I send this form to the nursing council of particular state in India where I am currently registered and with what all documents,time taken by PNRC India and your experience. should this form to be sent by the nursing council directly to CA BON or anybody can mail it after getting it completed by the council. do the PNRC charge any fee to do that? Thank you.

It has to be mailed directly from the nursing council/ board in India to the CA board. May I ask where you got the form from? Was it mailed to you by the board?

Yes I got it from the board.

I also received international license verification form from CA board but didn't yet send it to the nursing council in India. My current registration is from the other state nursing council in India from the previous state where I did BSN and got registered. Should I send this form to my current state nursing council under which I'm registered?


Can you send me that form please. I also got the letter to submit form but received no form. Thankyou.

Could you some person send me the International Verification form? :c [email protected] 


I am also requested to provide the International Verification form. I sent an email to them, but if somebody would send the form to me, I'll be appreciate.
[email protected]

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