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I'm a new grad taking the NCLEX within the next 6 weeks and applied to a job in a hospital system I currently work at. My GPA is 3.788 and I had it rounded to 3.8 on my resume. I realize after further research I should have kept it as 3.78 and now I'm worried this will look bad if they verify it with my school.  

I tried to figure out how I can withdraw my application but when I researched it, the system may not allow me to resubmit an application and it may show up as "already applied". I can call IT tomorrow to see if theres a way to update my attachment-but should I be concerned? If I were to be called for an interview do I bring it up/bring updated resume with correct GPA?


Thanks in advance! *face palm* 

It's very very unlikely that they will verify your GPA. Most hospitals use background checking organizations that at most verify you actually went to the school that you listed with a start and end time, and that you actually got a degree through the school. They aren't going to get your transcript. 

I would just fix it and bring paper copies with you to the interview. I wouldn't worry too much or point out that you changed it. Focus on killing your potential interview instead! 

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They won't care, I promise. They will likely not even pay attention to what you wrote down as your GPA. All they will take note of on your resume is that you are a new grad.

I would not even draw attention to it, seriously. As a hiring manager, if you came in and started talking about it, I would wonder a) if you have anxiety, and b) whether this perseveration over what they will consider something so minor as to be inconsequential is an indicator of an underlying condition that might make you challenging to work with.

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I echo the sentiment that your GPA is pretty unimportant. Your self-confidence and people skills are a lot more relevant. The fact that you passed your NCLEX is vital.

Bedside nursing is very nuts and bolts. Your schooling merely gives you some basic knowledge, and exposure to different types of nursing. The fact that you are already a CNA probably will help you quite a bit. The rest of it you will learn on the job.

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