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Stuff named after you?


i've just finished my last clinical placement and on my last day i got x2 toys named after me (colleen). i got a soft plushie duckie and a mermaid barbie doll.

just wondering: have you had something anmed after you? and if, so what was it?


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How often to you get post-surgical orders for "Ted Stockings" to be applied??? And in on facility where I work, they call compression boots, "Pneumatic Teds" ;)

(My wife is always telling me that I'm full of hot air. . . :eek: :chuckle)



They named a comet after me: Haley's comet

Mine wasn't so much having something named after me but.. before I was a nursing student I worked as a nursing assistant for many years and on one occassion I had done something for a patient and he was so pleased with his care and my professionalism that he began to nickname me Dr White (as this was my surname) I wouldnt mind but there is a well known brand of sanitary towels in the UK with this name! :rolleyes:

Once I pointed this out to him, which he found amusing, he insisted on calling me Dr Red instead, which was the colour of my hair at the time... Bless him! :uhoh3:


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Things that came before me.........Christmas Carol,............and one of my dad's exgirlfriends. :chuckle

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I worked with a nurse in OB who was such an awesome nurse that over the years, had 20-25 babies named after her (her name was Rosemary)

My name is Angel, so everyone at the LTC facility that I work at thinks that god sent them an Angel to take care of them. How sweet.

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