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studying nclex alone


hello everyone

i got tons of question to ask i hope people here can help me out

1. i plan to take the NCLEX this coming June but im anxious to take the exam since im thinking of things like

- should i enroll myself to a review class or

- should i just use my review materials with me (saundersq&a and the one with the lecture)

i was shocked with the new standard rating and now im bothered. crazy bothered

2. since i want to work in LA i need working experience. so my other question is RN's in Manila should i study while im working in a hospital. is it going to be hard? working and studying at the same time.

thanks a lot. big help

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Why are you waiting until June? You know that the test is changing in April, don't you? You would be doing yourself a favor by getting your act together and taking the test in March.