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Studying not making a difference in practice test

I have been studying for 3 weeks & my scores haven’t improved at all. I am consistently getting 40-47% on Kaplan practice tests. I have been doing questions everyday but have seen no improvement. I’m scheduled to take the test on June 24th but am frustrated/worried that I won’t be ready. Any tips/advice?

I was on the same boat. My Kaplan qbank was consistently between 55-59% no matter how many questions I did or remediated on. Kaplan's rationale didn't help at all. What helped me was..listened to Mark K. My qbank score immediately increased to 60-68%. I just took my readiness test and scored 72% on it.

Also, I only used the first step of the decision which is distinguishing "assessment vs implementation'.

Good luck studying

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I’ve not taken the test, but I have done a lot of self learning.

  • Take a survey of the questions that are getting you.
  • Divide those questions by topic, the outline and break the topics into subtopics.
  • Use quizlet to create *your own* flash cards summarizing the information from each subtopic in *your own words*. You’re going for creating your own mental picture of what each system looks like, and how everything works together. Using your own words forces you to conceptualize and move from student mindset to master mindset. Student to teacher transition. If by chance you speak two languages do it in both languages. That helps me.
  • Read a quick book on logic/puzzles. Dummies series is insightful, ironically. This will help with tricky worded questions.

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