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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to know some studying habits that has worked for you, as a Pre-Nursing student or if you are a nursing student viewing this.

What I do is that I try to make an outline as I am reading, but this is so cumbersome! Just 7-11 pages for micro may take me about 2 hours. If I get into nursing school, I understand that many of the textbooks are just huge and it would just take too long to outline notes.

I am taking micro over the summer, as I had said. Any tips? First test is coming up on Wed and I have only read 2/4 chapters because of this note taking I do. Thanks to all who will help! :)

emmjayy, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU, CCRN. Has 3 years experience.

Quizlet. Get an account, go in and search around for quizzes that cover the material you're working on, then take practice quizzes, use the flashcards, and do the tests until you can get 100% on them. I always thought reading and taking notes were the best and only way to study (even though doing it drives me bananas) but using Quizlet is wayyyy better. It allows you to have that on the spot test-taking experience without the pressure of having your grade be affected if you bomb it. It helps you to pinpoint what concepts you need to know and what concepts you're comfortable with. It's made my life a lot easier :p

I'm gonna second Quizlet. It has been a great lifesaver for me, and there are tons of different sets that people make. It's really great.

Quizlet was only helpful for histology for me. I'm a big visual flashcards person. I'm taking Micro starting the 7th and just bought some mnemonics flashcards. World of difference.