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Study Tips

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In desperate need of study tips and tricks for fundamentals. I just started the program and so far on the first two exams I have scored a 72 and a 75. Our program requires a 77% to pass. Really wanting to get an A on the next few exams.

There is just so much information in the chapters I just don't know what to focus on. Our instructors don't really let us know what to expect. How many hours did you spend studying? What methods worked best for you?

Wish I could help, I studied most of last week and pretty much all weekend, including Elsevier practice questions and RN RN Youtube videos.  Came out of yesterday’s exam feeling really good only to find I didn’t do anywhere near what I thought.

We essentially have the week “off” - no assignments or lectures.  I’m going to try to preplan the next unit and get a different strategy going..

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Rarely anyone’s first exams go well. After my first nursing exam, my professor said add 10pts to it and it would be your score in a pre-req class. My first semester I spent 8-10 hours studying per day. 

My biggest advice: learn tips and tricks for NCLEX questions and what they want from you. “NCLEX Sucess books” and practice questions should be your best friend! Read the rationals, understand them. Try Your best to apply the material to real-life scenarios (hard to to in COVID land). My first exam, I totally underestimated nursing interventions, priority, and education. This is HUGE! And it takes time to train your brain to “think like a nurse”. 

I got a C on my first exam and a A on my second. I reached out to my professors, explained what I did to study for the first and what corrections I was going to make for the second. They responded with helpful tips that I hadn’t thought out (I.e emphasized interventions and education, case studies etc.) You can do this! 

People say you can get A’s in nursing school, but my goodness it is tough work and a lot of dedication! 

What worked for me: Recording lecture. Listen to it while you're driving. Listen to it on 2x speed with your notes in front of you. 

Have notes in different colors. If you can't remember the exact info, you can at least remember it's in a certain color for that category and go from there. This is especially helpful in pharmacology. 

Youtube videos: RegisteredNurseRN and Level Up RN are my two favs, but there are lots out there. 

Also Quizlets are helpful.

I will be applying these tips when I start nursing school. Thank you for the insight.