Study tips


Watch YouTube videos: for visual learners

Particularly "RegisteredNurseRN", if you needed to strengthen

your content.

While doing so, take notes! short ones.

Also, its free.

Purchase Uworld:

for practice test. Read the rationale over and over until you

understand what you are reading.

Give yourself time to relax.

Go outside get some sun and breathe.

If you feel anxious, think to yourself "whats the point?"

just focus on now, don't think too far ahead.



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I'm not a fan of RegisteredNurseRN but I know a lot of people do like her videos. Khan Academy has a huge online database for the NCLEX-RN that has videos, articles, and practice questions for anybody who wants an alternative.


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For surviving pathophysiology I recommend Dr. John Campbell's videos on youtube. Dr. John Campbell

- YouTube

I want to add in the source of burnout that I see in pretty much everyone I talk to that goes to college for anything...

Don't over-study, you won't do good if you do.

The whole 2 hours per class hour rule, forget that. The time doesn't matter as much as the quality. If you study efficiently, you'll suddenly have a lot more free time.

When you sit down to study, do a quick review. This should only take about 5-10 minutes at the most. Make some flash cards or something and go through them. Make 2 piles, 1 was everything you got right, and the other is everything you got wrong. Basically, differentiate between the information you know and the information you don't know, using whatever form of studying that you like. If you know it, then forget about it for now, just keep reviewing it every time you review. If you don't know it, that's what you should be studying. If you understand a concept, you're just wasting your time and energy going back over it every 20 minutes. It's still the same exact information. You know it, you're fine. If you forget it later, that's why you're reviewing before you study.

It's going to be a time commitment, but don't make it a 40 hour/week second job, that's what leads to procrastination. Learn how to prioritize what you study.

Also, make sure you take time to just forget about school. Go out with your friends. Go see a movie. Go have some drinks. Don't do this every night, but responsibly every couple weeks, go have fun. It'll help calm the stress, it'll help you not get burnt out on this idea of non-stop studying, and you'll do better than that panicked student that thinks you have to quit your job and spend every hour outside of school studying. That's the student that struggles and ultimately fails.

Remember, there's majors WAY harder than nursing. The people in these programs have time to live and work, so can you.

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