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Hi everyone! I am currently attending my 1st semester at kckcc in nursing and nervous! I had heard by so many people say that it would be a tough program and I am experiencing that already! I am prepared for that but I need some advice please. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to study for their exams? Their testing style is different than what I am used to and I feel like I am not studying right to prepare for my tests. It feels as if I am prepared until I see that first question and think, Um that wasn't what I studied! Any help would be great. Thank you for your time!

Read to learn, not to memorize.

Don't just understand concepts. Understand WHY things happen. And what that means for your patient in all aspects of thier health and care.

KNOW your responsibilities as a nurse in all of the areas you're studying. Know what you can and can't do. Know what you should do. Know what you should document.

Know adverse effects. What should you see if something is wrong? What should you do when you see it? This is an extension of the basic concepts of safety.

Nursing questions are not usually cut and dry. You aren't usually going to be tested on facts. It's ALL about application. Think of different patient scenarios and figure out ways to apply. They are going to throw things at you that you've never "seen" before. That won't change. You'll get used to it and it will be easier.

Good luck! :)

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YouTube stuff, procedures, diseases and what not, you would be amazed with the info they have, remember to create an account because some videos are for 18+ because of some procedures.

Plan to read ahead, it will make no sense to you, but when lecture starts it will all sink in and you will understand it to a next level while some might be still lost!

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Thank you everyone for the helpful comments! I'm glad to know that there is support out there for students like me that feel a little lost. I appreciate it.

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