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to those who have earned a masters degree: how did you study the material? What has worked for you and could you please breifly describe how you became a NP. Thank you.

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I have an MSN in management and leadership, not a NP, so hope that is okay. I am the "bad" student. I usually read over something once and then go on and never return to it. I do try to relate it to what I am doing clinically though and that helps me tremendously with retention. That is why my nursing grades are great and my theology and "theory" classes are not so great. For test-taking, I read the question once and then answer it right away and NEVER EVER change ANY answers - works for me. Good luck in your studies.


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I'm also interested in this. I recently returned to school for a Masters in Nursing, (Adult Nurse Practitioner). I find it difficult to read read read and retain!!! Any hints will be appreciated.

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