Study Guide for Teas Test!!! Please!!!


hello everyone!

this is my second post on this subject so i'm sorry to bug, but i just want to know which is the best study guide to review, i asked before for the pax or teas and in response i heard the kaplan review was good for the pax, but i didn't get any info back on the teas test. i'm trying really hard to get into the lpn program so i hope some of you can help me! :) my last step is to take this teas test so i'm kinda freaking out about it! has anyone tooken the test? is it hard? any good recommendations on study guides?? please help!!




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I have the teas v study guide manual as well as the McGraw-hill Nursing Entrance exam book, I was told from people on here as well as searching various threads that these books are very helpful for preparing for the test, I plan to study now and take mine in December. Ive been studying the McGraw-hill book and I must say it is very informative so Im hopeful that I will perform well and Im not the best test taker especially with math. Good Luck:)


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I also used the ATI Teas V Study Guide and found it to be all I needed. I took the 2 practice test offered online through the ATI website and I would highly recommend those as well. On both of the practice I only got mid 70's and on the real think I got an 84.7. I personally thought the practice was harder than the real thing. Definitely get the ATI study guide though. It will come with all the info you need.

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I brought secrets of the TEAS Exam. Published by Mometrix media LLC'

I brought my at barnes and nobles. The book is expensive but worth it


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@ healthnut84: Cool thanks for the recommendations! & don't worry you are not alone, I am not the best test taker either, especially in math! :/ although I am more worried about the science section! Which one is the McGraw-Hill book? Where can I get that one at? I call to schedule my Teas tomorrow so I'm not sure when I will take mine but I hope they give me time to study! I'm really nervous, although I only need an average of 60% or more, not that bad right? Good Luck on taking your test also!

@ HopefulKate: Thanks for the info! Are the practice tests free? I guess it's kinda good that the practice tests are harder than the actual test!

@ virgo,student nurse : I have also looked into that book, but also thought it was way too expensive, i didn't want to spend the money and it not be worth it! thanks alot though now i know..

One more question have any of you used or heard about this book " Review Guide for LPN/LVN Pre-Entrance Exam", National League of Nursing Third Edition?

I was referred this book for another pre entrance exam(the PAX) but not sure if it will also be as helpful with the Teas! :)


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Check out craigslist too, I bought ATI Teas guide V last semester used for 20.00 and it looked like it was never used! Save some $$ ..i'm a sthm so buying books for a 1x test doesn't make much sense to me. Good luck to you!


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Its the McGraw Hills book its called Nursing Entrance Exam, its a pretty good book, Thank you for the Good Luck and I'm sure you will do fine!!:)

P. S. I went to Barnes and noble and they had it and they can keep it on hold for you up to 3 days and its almost always online check amazon too.


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Unfortunately they are not free. I believe they are 75 a piece and each text gives you two versions. So not technically get 4 practice test. It was expensive, but worth it for me to only take the real thing once.


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I second the McGraw-Hill Nursing Entrance Exam study book! When I was gearing up to take the TEAS V last September, I browsed these forums to find what other people suggested and ended up buying this study book. It was very helpful and informative! I ended up scoring a 91.3%.

I found it really helpful to go through the book and complete all the quizzes (including the mini-quizzes after the sections within the Chapters) and find the areas you were the weakest. Make sure you thoroughly read (and re-read!) and understand the sections you scored poorly on. Once you read through them, take the tests again on those particularly sections and see if your score improves. If they don't, repeat the process until your score's better. For the sections on the quizzes you scored well on, you can just briefly read through their corresponding chapters to make sure you're grasping the main concepts.

Good luck! :D


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Thank you everyone for all your suggestions! I ended up ordering the McGraw-Hill Nursing Entrance Exam study book & another book for pre-entrance exams into LPNs programs also! I hope they help! My test is scheduled for Monday! So soon? I know! Means I am studying for the rest of the week and no fun weekend for me! but that's fine with me as long as i pass this test! :redbeathe


I really appreciate all of your responses! I love this website!

Good Luck to everyone with everything & God bless!


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hello loryann88 , i'm planning to take the exam dec or jan. and like you i'm kinda nervous. if you can, after the test let us know if the books (mcgraw-hill and ati teas v) really helped you in the exam. i'am debating if i should buy those two books. thank you and good luck on your exam.