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Hi! I'm Anne, a registered nurse in the Philippines. My grandmother who is an Australian citizen asked me to search for Nursing schools in Sydney and Melbourne with an affordable tuition fees. I would like to have any suggestions from all of you. Thank you.

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I'm not in Syd or Melb. Try:

to search for all uni & TAFE courses for nursing, and other courses too.

if for NSW area, should try, UTS, UWS, ACU or Notre Dame

Specializes in Med/Surg, DSU, Ortho, Onc, Psych.

Can I just say also it would be appreciated if people came back on here and said thank you? Many of us work shiftwork & care for families, & we take the time to do messages on here to help struggling nurses.

Thank you.

Thank you. I visited the site. :)

hi anne, I am erwin. I am also looking for an affordable school in brisbane for my bridging course in nursing. hope you can also help me hehehehe.

hi please visit this page.. i think you are looking for the bridging program most Au schools are offering nowadays.

i think it is between 9000-10k aud.

The cost is actually between 10 and 12 thousand AUD depending on which state and which university you take the Bridging Program in.

if i were to choose from the 2, bridging program or bachelor of nursing (1 year) which one would be best to take.. what are the advantages and disadvantages? thanks..

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thanks for those infos, hmm is there such a thing as study now pay later? (I'm pertaining to bridging program) because it's too expensive for us filipinos if around 10-12k AUD.. how sad.. i really like to study there so I'm willing to try anything just to make the expenses cheaper. i hope that you would help me find the answers guys, please. thanks. =)

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