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# of students per class for charity

by sdzta sdzta Member

HI everyone,

I applied to Charity for Spring 06 and was just curious...does anyone know how many are accepted per class? It just seems like there are so many people applying and expecting to start soon!

thanks for any input!:)

Hi, Anyone attending Charity now? How do you like it?


I am entering my 3rd semester in the fall and I like Charity. An entering class may be around 250 students, but then those numbers slowly drop down. It is very tough, but it produces great nurses.

I am entering my 3rd semester in the fall and I like Charity. An entering class may be around 250 students, but then those numbers slowly drop down. It is very tough, but it produces great nurses.


My name is Marlene and I currently was attending 2nd clinical semester at Nicholls where I felt as though the teachers did not teach properly. I am now trying to choose to attend charity for RN or Fletcher community college for LPN. I'm wondering if I could survive Charity or should I settle for LPN. I just have so much time and money in this, I was doing great until I started clinicals with a 7 pt grading scale. lowest grade was a 70. also, How many days of classes and clinical a week.

When do you get assignments for clinicals? Will I have enough study time if I had to drive from 1 hr away everyday? About what percentage of the class actually passes for the semester? At Nicholls, it was about 1/2.

How difficult are the teachers at Charity? Do they make you know everything about your meds by heart? Is the area safe from crime? Did you actually learn how to verify heart and breath sounds and identfy them in Basic nurs? At Nicholls, everyone in the class still cannot identify sounds or check b/p correctly. If I were to skip basic nurs at charity, will I be behind? Do you feel as though your teachers actually teach and test you accordingly? Are they helpful when needed? Would i be able to do clinicals in Houma where I live at or will it be in New Orleans? Will I have enough time to complete my nurs. care plan when living 1 hr away?

I will stop now, I'm sorry for harrassing you, I'm just nervous and need to make a decision soon. Pharm. starts in Aug at Charity. I need time to sign up. Thank you for letting me know how you like it at Charity. Marlene


To answer some of your questions:

Normally clinicals are 2 days per week amd lecture is 2 days per week. You pick up your patient usually on the day before your clinical day. Clinicals are graded on a satisfactory or unsat. scale. There is no numerical grade attached. Your numerical grade comes from lecture content. There are check offs that you need to complete as part of clinical experience in order to advance in the program. Some clinical locations other than in metairie and new orleans are: in St. Tammany and in St. Charles parish. I believe that is as far out as they go. I know a few people made the drive from the Houma area, but I am not sure what affect that has day after day.

The classes are tough. I am not sure exactly how many people pass or fail each semester, but I do know that you can only drop or fail a class twice and then you cannot continue in the program. There is a wide variety of teacher personalities. I have had really great teachers, but I have also heard bad stories from other students.

Any other questions just ask.

Hi Lulu Bird,

I am currently at Charity also. I just finshed my first "compressed" semester. I am now moving on to NACI, which is what you just finished. Who did you have for your clinicals? I registered, but am thinking of switching. Do you have any suggestions as to who are good instructors? Any advice would be appreciated.


I had Ms. Schaff and Ms. Gauthier, both of whom were great. Ms. Schaff is at Select Speciality and Ms. Gauthier is at Oschner. I beleive there are a lot of good teachers on this level. Feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks so much for the info. I'll probably have more questions as we get closer to starting school again. Enjoy your time off.:specs: :specs:

Hello LuLuBird,

Do you by chance happen to have a copy of the T-notes that "us newbies" can get our hands on? Thanks in advance.


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To Marlene: I also wanted to attend Nicholls but Mr. Pena would tell each applicant something different. After dealing with him and others at Nicholls I decided to try my luck with Charity. I will hopefully be starting in the Spring 07 at Charity and will drive from Bourg. I did this while attending Delgado and it was tough, but hopefully I can find a car pool so we have this uninterrupted time to study (taking turns of course).

I was told by other Nurses that Nicholls puts out the most unprepared nurses of all the area programs and Charity the best. LEFletcher cannot not get the RN program up and running and may not have this program in the forseeable future. Mrs. Galven at Charity, today, asked me if I had taken A&P I at LE Fletcher because they will no longer accept credits from that Institution. Thank goodness I took those classes at Nicholls. I did take A & P II and lab at Fletcher, and we did nothing, repeat nothing, in lab. We talked and studied for lecture. Steer away from LE Fletcher at this time.

Here is my email address dsoginer@charter.net, if you want to get in touch

Good luck

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