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  1. lebom873

    # of students per class for charity

    LuLuBird, My name is Marlene and I currently was attending 2nd clinical semester at Nicholls where I felt as though the teachers did not teach properly. I am now trying to choose to attend charity for RN or Fletcher community college for LPN. I'm wondering if I could survive Charity or should I settle for LPN. I just have so much time and money in this, I was doing great until I started clinicals with a 7 pt grading scale. lowest grade was a 70. also, How many days of classes and clinical a week. When do you get assignments for clinicals? Will I have enough study time if I had to drive from 1 hr away everyday? About what percentage of the class actually passes for the semester? At Nicholls, it was about 1/2. How difficult are the teachers at Charity? Do they make you know everything about your meds by heart? Is the area safe from crime? Did you actually learn how to verify heart and breath sounds and identfy them in Basic nurs? At Nicholls, everyone in the class still cannot identify sounds or check b/p correctly. If I were to skip basic nurs at charity, will I be behind? Do you feel as though your teachers actually teach and test you accordingly? Are they helpful when needed? Would i be able to do clinicals in Houma where I live at or will it be in New Orleans? Will I have enough time to complete my nurs. care plan when living 1 hr away? I will stop now, I'm sorry for harrassing you, I'm just nervous and need to make a decision soon. Pharm. starts in Aug at Charity. I need time to sign up. Thank you for letting me know how you like it at Charity. Marlene
  2. lebom873

    # of students per class for charity

    Hi, Anyone attending Charity now? How do you like it? Marlene
  3. lebom873

    Charity Nursing School C/O May 2007

    Hi, My name is Marlene. I am new to this website and have no idea what I'm doing. I recently was in 2nd semester of clinicals at Nicholls and dropped the class b/c it was too hard and had horrible teachers. I would like to know how difficult Charity is and how you like it. Will I have study time if I live 1 hr away? Thank You