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Hi All,

Myself is an indian male nurse. i want to work in Canada, but i do not have any clinical experience as i am a fresh graduate (have completed my BSc nursing 4 yrs course). i recently contacted an agency here in india and told them about my profile, after few days they called me back and told me that as per my profile a student visa will be the most appropriate way to get there. i asked him does going on a student visa will defenitily fetch me a job? he answered YES. But i am afraid bcoz here they dont know a **** about anything and neither do they care, all that matters to them is earning money. I have heard cases of when people go to United Kingdom for some courses on student visa without clinical experience thinking they will get a job upoun completion of course. But they end up being deported back to India. All what is left for them is to extend their visa by enrolling in some other courses and keep studying.

My question is I do have the same condition as per my clinical requirements and i dont want to end up in enrolling further n further in some courses. I need to get a job there. So is it possible that if i go to Canada on student visa, and after the completion of the course and passing the required exam will i surely get a job there. Or i will also end up in the ******** of NO EXPERIENCE.

I also came to hear about that a clinical exp of 6 months is also appropriate to get a job there. Is it true.


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NotReady4PrimeTime has 25 years experience as a RN and specializes in NICU, PICU, PCVICU and peds oncology.

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Moved to World Nursing: Advice on Immigration as per focus of post.

You need to read this article:

News Release — Proposed Changes Would Strengthen Canada's International Student Program

"Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is proposing regulatory changes to limit study permits to students attending institutions designated by provinces and territories. The proposed changes would address concerns that some institutions are providing poor-quality programs or facilitating, knowingly or not, the entry of foreign nationals to Canada for purposes other than study...

Furthermore, to help eliminate abuse of student visas, changes are being made to ensure that the primary intent of an international student in Canada is to study. Currently, foreign nationals are able to apply to any Canadian school or business offering training in Canada and need only demonstrate an intent to study – there is currently no requirement for them to actually pursue studies once in Canada and no way of tracking whether they do. These changes would provide CIC the authority to request evidence from study permit holders to verify their compliance with study permit conditions. International students would be removed from Canada if they fail to meet new requirements..."

These sorts of legislative changes have been enacted fairly quickly once the bills have been introduced in Paliament so by the time you got all your ducks in a row to come over to study, you'd already be in violation.

You also need to read the threads that discuss local Canadian new graduates being unable to find work and having to take casual positions (no guaranteed hours and no benefits) at several facilities to pay for their student loans. There is a glut of Internationally-Educated Nurses in Canada at the moment and more waiting for their turn. The economy in many provinces has caused their governments to cut funding for health care which leads to vacancies not being filled, even by experienced Canadian-educated nurses.

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loriangel14 is a RN and specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

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A student visa is not an immigrant visa.You cannot get a job while there on a student visa.

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