Wondering if this was in my head...

  1. I had always assumed that to apply for a CRNA program that you would have to have a strong Chemistry background in order to apply.

    I was bored today and pulled up requirements for a program, that of course, required a BSN and one-year in a critical-care unit, but I was suprised that I didn't see anything beyond that other than your typical GPA, interview, GRE, etc.
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  3. by   gasmaster
    Beware....there are hidden agendas! Some programs require you have very recent chem or you have to take there's before entering (Texas Wesleyan Univ.). Most of the programs expect you to have had chem as a nursing student and will discover if you haven't when they calculate your science GPA. Check with the program you are interested in.
  4. by   TangoLima
    I am looking at applying to 3 programs, and none require Chem to apply. Chem was a requirement for nursing school, so I think most programs assume if you are an RN, you have had Chem. Oddly enough, one of the programs I looked at (UT) did require graduate level statistics to be completed before starting their program.
    Good luck to you,
  5. by   japaho41
    Depends which programs you are looking. Some are really specific and want up to Bio Chem.
  6. by   ready4crna?
    Trust me and NG-
    Chemistry is a must. Whether it is a requirement for admissions consideration is program specific. Regardless of what a program says, chem is required. Understanding basic functional groups and reactions are a necessary part of truly understanding things like pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. (slightly important in anesthesia, no?) There are also complex chemical interactions that need to be understood and faculty may not take the time to explain completely (Direct quote from non-anesthesia faculty-"it is grad school after all- go read it yo'self")