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japaho41 specializes in MICU & SICU.

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill CRNA

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  1. japaho41

    I need some CRNA school advice

    I will be honest your GPA is well below a competitive level. You have to consider when most schools set the benchmark at 3.0 I would guess that there would be ample candidates that by far exceed the minimum. Taking a few class and getting A's in them well help raise your GPA, but unfortunately after 80 credit hours or so (which you most likely already have) once it is down it is a slow climb back up. Sorry if this seems harsh but it is the reality of your situation minus a sugar coating.
  2. japaho41

    CRNA vs AA

    I think you sort of have a misconception of what being watched is all about or you missed my point of what patient care experience really means. So you are saying the your biology degree or whatever BS degree that you had was far tougher than Nursing school. I might retink that statement considering you have not endured nursing school. I suppose that working in the ICU is also much easier than whatever job a student in AA school did prior to school. You also have to think about this as well, when you say tougher classes, multiple people in my program have additional degrees prior to nursing in addition to a range of 4-9years of Intensive care experience. You have to be knowledgable about a topic prior to throwing out comments like that.
  3. japaho41

    CRNA vs AA

    Good for you, I know that there is an international Nurse anesthesia society that is working credentialing programs so that there grads can work in othere countries. Basically what it comes down to at least for me and a lot of other CRNA's that I have talked to in the past is that key component that AA's are missing is the intensive care experience. If you are even in support of AA's that is hard to downplay the value of that experience.
  4. japaho41

    East Carolina University CRNA program

    ECU's program is full time, no part time option. I think that UNC-Charlotte has a part-time option. I think that if I were you I would go full-time. If it is money that you are worried about just take out what you need in the form of loans. I just don't think trying to go to CRNA school even part-time and having to worry about working is a good option if that is what your plan is. I am sure some have pulled it off but I don't think I could, but that is just me.
  5. japaho41

    CRNA vs AA

    I don't think that if the AA route was even shorter by 10yrs that I would advise anyone to go that route. Like a previous post stated why would want to limit yourself to just a hand of states and hospitals that would allow you to work. Secondly anywhere you go is going to be dominated by CRNA's that are not going to respect you nor your profession one bit. Spend the extra time and follow the correct path into the profession on anesthesia.
  6. japaho41

    Am I the only one??

    I think that everyone has those days, weeks or months when you say what the hell was I thinking when I decided this was going to be my career path. No matter how many people tell you that it's going to really suck at times you can never appreciate that until you experience it for yourself. No one ever said this was going to be easy by an stretch. You just have to expect that there will be days that you want to crawl beneath the OR table to get away from the crap that is rolling down the hill from your CRNA that day. Take cover because if it has not happened to you yet it probably will and if it doesn't consider yourself lucky. Sure everyone has felt like quitting but take a look over shoulder and look at all the hurdles and hoops that you had to go through just to get to this point. That is enough of a driving force for me that keeps me in the game.
  7. japaho41

    Nurse Anesthesia or Pharm D????.......

    I agree with the above posters that this is a nurse anesthesia site. It sounds like you need to do some more research into what you really want to do. Yes you are in high school still and you are probably five steps ahead of yourself. So once you realize that PharmD and CRNA are quite different you will then be able explore more into what is right for you. Now they do have some overlap in that anesthesia is pharmacology in action as you are giving powerful drugs and seeing response rather quickily.
  8. japaho41

    Professional dress

    Listen up to all you applicants that are questioning what to wear to the interview. Look you are are professionals so dress the part. Yeah we get to wear scrubs every other day but that is not appropriate to wear to an interview. I read the post that an applicant wore jeans to an interview, come on, that is appalling, don't shoot yourself in the foot. If you really need help go to the highest end department store and ask for help. For godsakes don't embarass yourself by underdressing and looking unprofessional. First impressions mean more than you think especially in the intereview of your life. A quick an dirty guideline of what to wear, guys take it a notch below black tie and you will be okay. Every guy should wear a suit and tie, no exceptions. Girls should dress the part as if they are interviewing for the job of their career, like I have said dress the part.
  9. japaho41

    Standing during procedure

    I think that you should be prepared to stand the entire case especially as a student. What if there is only one stool in the room are you going to say to the CRNA that you have flat feet and you need to sit down? If so, let me know how that goes for you? And like a previous post has said that some surgeons can do a lap choley faster than you will be able to chart what you just did during induction & intubation, well that is exactly true. If you are still considering this profession consider getting your self a podiatrist and a good pair of shows that can accomodate your situation.
  10. japaho41

    East Carolina University CRNA program

    Up until this year it was 12, it is now 14 people admitted per year. The number that apply is not revealed for specific reasons that if it was thought that it was difficult to get in the number of applicants may decrease. The number of applicants is really irrelevent in the whole process. Obviously it is tougher to get in with the number that is admitted compared to other programs.
  11. japaho41

    ICU experience

    You need to realize that even if you eventually want to work with children primarily your experience will be on adults. I guess it's too bad that CRNA school is not specialized in that way because I think I would let you take care of the kids.
  12. japaho41


    yes, most programs require a BSN and minimum one year of ICU.
  13. japaho41

    Do I have what it takes?

    I think will have a very complete application. I am not sure on the schools that you are applying to though. I think some schools put more weight than others on what your numbers say opposed to what you have actually accomplished.
  14. japaho41

    CCRN Question

    Anything that you have that may set you apart helps. So you would want to get your CCRN to add to everything else you have. When you are talking about certs it is a given that everyone will have PALS & ACLS. What is FCCS?
  15. japaho41

    Applications with Pictures

    I think that it may be used for after the interview and they have a stack of applicants it may help them connect the interview with a face opposed to just notes that were written down.
  16. japaho41


    About 3 months