What were your references like?

  1. I have been lurking on this forum for a long time, and finally decided to join the discussion. My question is directed to anyone who is currently in, or has been accepted to start anesthesia school.. What were your references like? There are obviously different requirements from the many different schools. The different requirements seem to be between 2 and 5 references. Some schools want RN co-workers, and others want physicians as well. They all seem to want a supervisor.

    I am probably going to have a reference from the nurse who oriented me, my direct supervisor, and potentially one of the ICU NP's that I work with on a nightly basis, and _potentially_ a CRNA that I will shadow. Are those decent recommendations? I have read posts on here about people who have tons of recommendations from CT surgeons, anesthesiologists and the like... Are these really necessary? I do good work, but I work night shift and those people rarely see me, and I would be uncomfortable asking them for a recommendation.
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  3. by   natbug
    Those seem fine. My program wanted 3 recommendations. One from a professor of my undergraduate nursing program, and a supervisor specifically. I had those mentioned as well as another from a CRNA and my PCC from my CCU unit. I think you need to get recommendations from people you work with/shadow. They will be able to give a first hand account of your abilities. The people who read recommendation letters know a generic one when the see it. Good luck!
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  4. by   FA5.RN
    Those references will work, the ones i used were undergrad professor, a NP, and my assistant nurse manager. Use the people who can give a good gauge on your clinical experience.
  5. by   Class2011
    Agreed, those will work.

    I had 3 for my foundation: a PhD clinical specialist and an MSN asst nurse manager (they both knew me well, wrote embarrassingly nice things, and i had a better rapport with them than my nurse manager); Chief of Critical Care because i felt i needed at least one MDA or CRNA reference and he wrote some very positive, straight forward comments.

    At least one of my schools required the dean of nursing school, though she didn't know me at all. I did get it, plus a reference from my favorite professor who knew me better but still didn't bother to write much

    I say strike a balance between the biggest title and people who will take the time to write/say (they will likely be called as well) nice things and make sure they appreciate the importance of their comments.
  6. by   premaseeker
    Just to throw in some addition food for thought, consider speaking to the program you are applying to. Some program directors/admissions commitees want a physicians others don't mind co-workers.
  7. by   NIUredblack
    Had one from a charge RN, CRNA who I shadowed, dean of my undergrad nursing school, and an attending physician. Did not get one from my nurse manager because hospital policy does not allow them to write them other than a confirmation of employment.

    Make sure you thank the people who write these for you....