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  1. by   srnamom
    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    Updated links/Info:

    Certified critical care nurses (CCRN) must have been in critical care practice for a minimum of two years to be eligible for the examination.
    I took the exam 9 months ago and the requirement was 1750 hrs of bedside critical care nursing, which amounts to about 1 year of full-time practice. I believe it USED TO require 2 years.
  2. by   Bullmouse
    regarding the requirements, now that we have established :bowingpur "CCRN":bowingpur as something akin to a brand name

    Current unencumbered licensure as an RN or APRN in the U.S. is required.
    Practice as a registered nurse is required for 1,750 hours in direct bedside care
    of acutely or critically ill patients during the two-year period prior to application,
    with 875 of those hours accrued in the most recent year preceding application.

    from source http://www.aacn.org
  3. by   boynurse2
    That's just a legal hoop since they cannot verify your legally protected RN name. They love the implication of critical care nurse though. However, the site's fine print reveals it reveals hidden and legally protected name of " clam chowder reeking nincompoop" since RN was already taken and means registered nincompoop. The legal battles ensue.
  4. by   bulldoggurlie
    Kind of confuse can you just have those hours with in two years. Or is it a mandatory two year regardless even if you meet the minimum hours after 1 year.

    Sorry if dumb question
  5. by   lyela
    As soon as you have the 1,750 hours in, you can apply to take the test. It is a good idea to check with your supervisor to make sure there is agreement with total hours because they do audit a certain number of the applications. If you can get the 1,750 hours in before a year, no problem. However, some part-time ICU RN or APRN have to have had at least 875 within the last calendar year. This is done to assure experience is current.
  6. by   JoyfulRN14
    You don't have to have a certain time in months/years in experience, the only time requirement is in hours, which is 1750 hours.
    I'm a new grad in a program of 15 new nurses, and our clinical educator made a deal with us that he'll shave off his mustache if we all are CCRN in one year from now. Should be fun!
  7. by   ilovetinyeye
    joyfulrn14 how has your new grad critical care experience been thus far????
  8. by   BCRNA
    I remember when CCRN stood for critical care registered nurse. But leave it too nurses that make credential letterings completely unrelated to what it actually stands for. So, CCRN actually stands for CCCN, wow. Yet more confusing alphabet soup. I understand there legal reasoning for changing it though.
  9. by   Queen Tiye, CNA
    Quote from ccrn-cmc-csc
    yes something strange happened a few years back and they suddenly decided it didnt stand for critical care registered nurse - however that is exactly what it stood for when i originally took the exam many moons ago:d i still have my original certification display that states critical care registered nurse.
    i'm sure it did stand for critical care registered nurse, but now they don't say it because they can't guarantee that anyone holding a ccrn is actually a registered nurse.