University of Cincinnati students....any contracts available?

  1. I am trying to plan finances for next year. I will have savings, hopefully some scholarship money for 1240 GREs, Stafford loans. Are any students getting contracts this year? Can you share some details, including money offerred for how much time in return? Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   beedog13
    I am a first year student at UC. Your GRE may well land you a 60%-ish scholarship, but I heard recently that they are re-looking at the current policy of using the GRE as an exclusive tool to award those scholarships--keep your ear to the ground it may change. I personally don't like the current policy, but then again I did not get a 1242 on the GRE. I landed the scholarship for the 2nd and 3rd Qtrs. of my first year with a substantially lower score than yours. Contracts are a sticky deal-- be careful--do your homework. You can usually find about $1000/month for a 2 year commitment and some of my classmates have gone that route, but it is not like it was in years past for the Cincy market. I have heard of groups in Dayton and Columbus doing them too. Most try to structure the monthly amount like it is a loan so you don't pay taxes on it 'til you are working later after school. I am doing the Army Reserve Specialized Training Assistance Program (STRAP), which is about $1900/month for an 8-year hitch in the Reserves. There is some other money that goes with that, but it varies alot on a case by case basis. My short-term advice is to exhaust the loan options before you--up to and including private loans before you commit to working anywhere; alot can change in 27 months of school.
  4. by   Eileen2010
    Thank you for the info. I have a few plans and contingencies for school, but wanted to check contracts too. I too think that is lowest on my list of options. My biggest concern is not being able to sell my house and having to pay this mortgage during school. That's why I am checking. Real estate in MA is horrible!

    Anyway, how do you like the UC program? They are on my short list (already started the app, waiting for recommendations). The students in the online video seem pleased with the program, but they were chosen by the school to talk about it. Are the clinicals good? I hear they are all fairly local (20 miles or so). How old are the students in your group? Hows housing in the area?

    Thanks for your input. Congrats on finishing the first year!

  5. by   beedog13
    I like my program just fine. I am sure they are all challenging in their own ways--many the same...some different. While my didactic instruction has been pretty good, I feel the clinicals and the design of the program are really the main selling points. You get in the OR early and start doing your own cases during the second qtr. How many other schools even offer scholarships? Your peds rotation is at the busiest peds OR in the US. The program director is a past pres of the AANA. Housing is very reasonable here--we came out of a pricey market in Salt Lake City, UT. The students in my class range from mid-twenties to a few over 40. with the average being closer to 30-ish.
    Good luck,
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    Hey Beedog.....just a quick question totally unrelated. I am struggling with having to buy a Verizon phone for this fall. The iphone is great and the service is cheaper than Verizon. Is it absolutely necessary to have a Verizon phone? Do you know if there is any reception at all in the OR with ATT? Thanks! And only two and a half more months until this show is on the road. Starting to freak a little.
  7. by   Quiet1
    You will need a Verizon phone. You will be calling your CRNA the night before clinical and they are all on Verizon. I've been told that they get a bit upset if you use their minutes (if you aren't Verizon, you will)... Some people have gotten together with classmates and gotten a family plan and split the cost. It is a cheap way to get Verizon. Then keep the ATT phone for everyday use.

    You won't absolutely need Verizon until winter quarter. You could wait and see. Use the ATT phone in the OR and see what it does, then make your decision.

    Good luck!
  8. by   nlt284
    I am awaiting an admission decision for the online WHNP program. I was wondering if you guys received your acceptance through an email or in the mail? I have heard most poeple say email, but was wondering if it ever came in the mail. Thanks so much!
  9. by   beedog13
    As previously stated, there may well be contracts out there in the Cincinnati market, but they can be few and far between. I have classmates who have gotten them from B North, Good Sam, and UC (UC once they were in the program). The market in Cincinnati is fairly flooded and the groups in town know they can offer less as demand gives way to an increased labor supply. Alot of older CRNA's who are/were close to retiring and choosing to work to make up for what they lost in their retirement accounts since the downturn of the economy. Some have even come out of retirement to work a bit more. That will change over time, but this has been cyclical in the CRNA profession for aeons. You may just need to expand your horizons as the need is still fairly great in many underserved parts of the country.

  10. by   Jump_Nurse
    Not to hijack this thread, but... I have some questions for any Cincinnati people who are currently in, or have been accepted to their program. What were your stats? They recommend having taken a recent chemistry course and recent physics course, but do not require it. Did you heed that recommendation? They also have things listed about participation in hospital committees being a plus. Did you all do these things to get in? Im BSN with 3.7 GPA, have been working 14 months (2 years by the time I would start) in CVICU, GRE is pending, and CCRN is pending. I should be able to get some good references. Am I wasting my time applying without the Chem and physicis (chemistry was unfortunately not a part of my BSN), and no committee time?

  11. by   beedog13
    UC senior student with 5 months left to go here. I took the basic chem included in my BSN. No physics. My GRE was like 1050-ish. No CCRN. No committee time. ICU time was same as yours. Chem/Physics in CRNA program was hard but do-able if you study. I know it has been super competitive the last few years at UC. I had alot of military experience, maybe that helped. I personally think it is a crap shoot from year to year what they are looking for. You need to pick at least two alternative programs for a total of 3 apps. I moved across country to come here. Keep trying and you will get in somewhere. I encourage you to apply. Word to the wise...these two years have easily been the toughest of my life hands down. CRNA school is no joke--everyone is quite smart and skilled. Just keep at it and find a few programs that best match what you have already without having to add too many Xmas ornaments to your portfolio. Good luck!