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Is anyone out there applying to Union's CRNA program this fall? Just wondering :)... Read More

  1. by   ambercrav18
    I got a phone call today and will be starting in the fall!
  2. by   OnCallRN132
    Congrats! I got the phone call an hour after I posted that question lol. I'll be joining you!
  3. by   TystudentRN
    I interviewed March 10 have u heard anything
  4. by   ambercrav18
    Will anyone be needing a roommate in the fall??
  5. by   phillervin
    I was accepted today.
  6. by   Stewie, RN
    Congrats to all who were accepted to Union's CRNA program. I was accepted back in January and can't wait to meet you all in August!!!
  7. by   Drodri555
    Congratulations to everyone that was accepted to Union's NA program! I've created a Facebook page for us all to network in order to make the transition out to Jackson a smooth experience. PM me for further details.

    For those of you that did not get in, keep your head up, I feel your pain & do not give up. I have also not been selected to a CRNA program after being interviewed. Feel free to PM me and I'll provide you as much advice as I can.
  8. by   JackDawson23
    Bluebolt, would you consider your program on par with MTSA program? I've been accepted to MTSA, but would like to attend Union, based on class size and cost. Any input you may have would be great. Also do you have any classmates that commute over an hour away? If so, how are they doing with that.

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  9. by   OnCallRN132
    Has anyone received any information after accepting the offer and making the deposit? They told me I will start receiving emails once all the deposits are made and the cohort is finalized. Does anyone know if it has been finalized yet?
  10. by   Drodri555
    No-emails yet. I really look forward to meeting and learning from you all!
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  11. by   OnCallRN132
    Oh okay thanks! I'm excited to meet you all too! I have been anxiously waiting for an email for the next step lol.
  12. by   OnCallRN132
    Has anyone contacted Union to ask when we will be receiving any emails with details of the process? I have not received anything after getting an email stating they have received my deposit. I'm worried I will have to rush all the paperwork before orientation. Thanks!!
  13. by   elomax1
    Hey guys, I just ran across this thread. I too will be attending Union's Anesthesia program beginning this fall with you all. I just opened my allnurses account, would anyone care to email me the facebook link for our class? NAT 2020 Thanks.