UAB letter

  1. I received my UAB interview invitation letter today. Now I have to shave, lose a quick 10 pounds, and dust off the suit! I am pumped!!!!
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  3. by   Jarnaes
    Knock'em dead!!! Good Luck to you.
  4. by   gatormac2112
    Good luck Bama! I am in the UAB program right now and it is great. Don't worry about the 10 pounds and don't freak about the interview, it is not a grill session by any means.
  5. by   Phishininau
    I emailed you, BAMA. Congrats!
  6. by   smitty79
    Congrats Dude! You should grow out the Abu Dhabi beard for your interview!
  7. by   glhrn
    Congrats! I received my letter from them yesterday, and I too am ecstatic!! If anyone has any insights/recommendations, I would love to hear them as this will be my first interview! Good luck to you on your interview!
  8. by   Phishininau
    Smitty79...heard about your good news too! Thanks for the call choad. My peolpe and your people should do dinner this week some time. I'll be in touch.
  9. by   BAMACCRN
    So Knuckles got one too...almost a full sweep. I am optimistic about this for all of us.
  10. by   Phishininau
    I am sure you will all do fine. BAMA check your fleeking email, mon.

    I wish some of you had gotten ambitious last year, but instead of having someone to suffer through school with me, I have a small army of ppl to give me notes to.

    Bummer for me.
  11. by   endorphinrush
    Congrats to all of you that got a UAB letter. I got one as well. Be seeing you guys at the interview process!
  12. by   asianrn
    good luck to all of you!!