typical route for interview notification

  1. I would like to know how universities normally notify applicants of requests for interview. For those of you who have had interviews in the past, were you notified by telephone, mail, e-mail, or combination. Just curious. Thanks. If anyone knows anything specifically about UAB, if you would please reply.
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  3. by   zoozoo
    College I applied to (Oakland Univ. in MI) called me first to schedule a day and then they confirmed it with a letter.
  4. by   badgernurse
    UAB will send you a letter with some open dates, you call the secretary to set it up. Then they'll send you a confirmation letter. Other schools did it pretty much the same way when I interviewed last year. I believe it was early-mid Dec that I got the letter from UAB and went in Jan for the interview. Good luck!
  5. by   endorphinrush
    I applied to UAB and Erlanger this year. I rec'd letters from both and then had to call and set up my appt time with them. Don't know how any of the others do it.
  6. by   2NICUs
    I received an email to schedule a date for the interview (at ENH/DePaul), and then a letter confirming that date. Wish me luck!