Too late to become a CRNA?

  1. I have been at my current job for 16 years and am 34 years old. I recently decided to go back to school to complete my associates degree. (I only have 9 credit hours completed). I have a looong way to go for the ADN program. My "plan" consists of taking classes while working full-time and should be done in 4 years or so! That puts me at nearly 39 years old.

    I really would like to be a CRNA. I love the surgery aspect and feel I would like that the most. Is it too late for me? By the time I am complete with my there an age requirement to become accepted into a CRNA program? Unfortunately, going to school full-time is not an option for me. I have to work to pay my bills. I am completing my CNA next semester and plan to get a job as a CNA. I was hoping to work at a local hospital to gain experience while I get my ADN.

    Do you think I have a chance?
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  3. by   bubbles64
    I work in Australia so I do not know what a CRNA is but why is it too late, I'm 41 and still studying always looking for a new challenge and feeling quite good when I acomplish it. So if it is really what you want to do and there is no age limit in your state give it a go you might regret not trying later
    Where I work is a lady who has just finished her graduate program (first year out as a nurse) she is 54, she began training many years ago and never had the chance to finish due to work committments and children now she has finished she feels like she has accomplished what she started out to do.
    Kind regards Lynne.
  4. by   HWAVE
    Exactly, too late for what?? Just so you know, I graduated with my BSN when I was 32. I started my first year as a SRNA at 42 (turned 43 last month) will graduate at 45 and beome a CRNA!! I'm gonna be 45 anyway, so I might as well be doing what I love, right? You will be living the rest of your life-so live it well -and make plans to ENJOY! good luck!
  5. by   Jo Dirt
    No way, it's not too late. Just remember, though, CRNA schools are very competitive and the minimum requirement is a BSN with at least a year of acute care experience.
    I don't believe any programs today allow a person to enter with an associate' s degree.
  6. by   dfurbee
    :hatparty:Lyndi, You are not too old to follow your dreams. I am 49, been a RN for 20 years, finished my BSN last summer, and am working on my MSN. My dream for CRNA, I am still working on. Had an interview at the end of Dec. at anesthesia school, will not know until first week of Feb. if I got in or not. My husband told me to keep on trying. No, you are not too old at all. Just remember that age is a state of mind! Best of luck, and remember to keep in keeping on.
  7. by   NurseLatteDNP
    You will turn 40 with you being a CRNA or not. That is the way I see it. So why not turn 40 and knowing you are working at something that you love to do. It is never to late to accomplish your dreams.
  8. by   nan1993
    I have a friend that is my inspiration. She wanted to go back to school but her husband did not want her to. She divorced and returned to CRNA school and now works at my hospital. She is 52 yrs old. You can do it.
  9. by   mandana
    So, say you finish your CRNA when you're 50 - that's probably a very generous estimate. That means you still have 15 years of working ahead of you - almost as long as you've been at your current job.

    Never too late,
  10. by   mummer43
    I'm 31 and I'll be starting an accelerated BSN program in May. My goal is to become a CRNA and the earliest I would graduate a CRNA program is at 35. I don't think you're ever too old to do something you really want to do.

    I only wish I had decided to do it sooner.
  11. by   emtmoon1
    Go for it! I'm 45 and a year into my CRNA program. We have 3 other classmates 2-3 years older than I am. There is nothing wrong with wanting to advance your career regardless of your age. Good Luck!
  12. by   Pitbullgirl
    I agree with all the above responses. I just completed my accelerated BSN program, and turned 44 at the same time. I will be 47-48 by the time I enter CRNA school, but so what? Like the other posters have so eloquently stated, I will be that age no matter what I do.

    I have chosen to enter an OR internship, partly so I can be sure that CRNA work is for me. I will work in the OR at least one year, and then transfer to CCU for one year. So I figure to be close to 48 by the time I get into a CRNA program. And that's okay. I would rather be sure of my goal and get good experience before entering the program. I also plan on taking some organic chemistries and maybe a physics class in the next 2 years to boost my competitiveness.

    Life is about the journey and the process--and I'm going to enjoy myself along the way. I say go for it!
  13. by   Sweet 1011
    I'm pretty new to all this, what is SRNA?
  14. by   Lyndi
    Thanks everyone for your encouraging posts. I truly appreciate it. This has really motivated me and I am excited to start my classes!!!