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I am really interested in the field of nurse anesthesia. However, I am worried about how hard the schooling is and how hard the job is. If one can get through the BSN program with pretty good grades... Read More

  1. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Best bet is look at the individual program website for indications about what they consider to be "critical care" as it varies from program to program. Good Luck
  2. by   LovePurple
    Hello! My 1st post here!
    I am also thinking about CRNA school. I will be graduating in May from Nursing school and plan to work in ICU asap. My question is a little more on the personal/family matters of things. I have been married 4 years now and would love to be able to start a family soon. I also realize that it would be IN MY BEST interest to wait until after I complete CRNA school so I can focus on it without too many distractions - if at all possible. That will only leave me at 29 graduating CRNA assuming I get accepted after 1 yr of ICU experience. Do any of you have any input or experiences going through school with kids, or being pregnant while in school?? ANY info would be great!!!! THANKS A LOT! These allnurses boards really helped me confirm my want to be a nurse anesthetist!! Thanks for all the positive posts!! =)